Design & Fabrication

3D Modeling

Our 3D modeling and rendering services help our customers visualize their project before fabrication is even started. Customers can view the model in 3D, rotate the model, create section views, view exploded views, take the model apart piece by piece and much more.

CNC Routing

We have a 5'x12' CNC router table that allows us to cut a large variety of materials including aluminum, plastics, wood, brass, copper, HDU foam, and much more within tight tolerances.

Laser Cutting

Our 400 watt 4'x8' laser table is both a laser cutter and a high speed laser engraver. We can cut acrylic, steel, stainless, aluminum and much more with extreme precision.

Light Fabrication

Much of our fabrication is done in-house including MIG & TIG welding, break forming, routing, laser cutting, fabrication of structural sign frames, material rolling, and more.


We have a design team well versed in 3D CAD, Adobe Creative Suites and more.  We can provide drawings to be submitted to architects, engineers, designers, or the city and have a licensed engineer on staff to provide any necessary structural or wind-loading calculations.