3D Modeling

Advanced Design offers 3D modeling and rendering services. We can create a working 3D model as well as photo-realistic renderings of your project that include realistic materials, textures, lighting, and colors. These models and renderings help our customers design and envision their project before fabrication is started.

Once we have created a 3D model of a project, we are able to email our customers a file that includes the viewer necessary to open the model. The file allows the customer to easily view the model in 3D, spin and rotate the model, create section views, view exploded views, and take the model apart piece by piece to see exactly how the project will be constructed.

To see a sample of one of our working 3D models, click the image below to download and run the executable file necessary to view the model.

Formed Sheet Metal Parts

Our software also allows us to design formed sheet metal parts in 3D.  Once the part is modeled, the software can output a 2 dimensional flat pattern of the part to be cut on our CNC router or laser, taking into account bend deductions for the specific material to be formed. This allows us to design and fabricate complex sheet metal parts with extreme accuracy including control panels & boxes with flanges, and tabs, and jogs.